An emotional perceptive-sensorial wine experience.
Wine, architecture and design, music, education.

The vineyard and its music.

Any plant, as such, lives! Lives and feeds on the energy of nature, its light, the harmony of its sounds and the music produced by the dance of its leaves caressed by the wind …
The vineyard feeds on everything to “give the world” a bunch of grapes.

The physical data collected from the vineyard rows such as temperature, sunshine, humidity, rain and wind, pressure, soil nutritional data, vegetative and leaf state, and so on, allow us to define the state of well-being of the plant. The sounds of nature produced, supported by their modulation, will nourish the plant from which they will be perceived in the company of its visitor.

Process engineering: physical sensors/transducers of the identified physical parameters detect the various electrical signals that, when properly mixed and modulated, create a symphony in the field of audible frequencies that diffused in the vineyard allows the plants to perceive their own well-being and to the visitors, scattered in the vineyard, to experience the same pleasant emotion.
The manual touch of rows of wires rather than the wind rustling the leaves causes further sound modulation for a unique symphony of plants. The result of all this can not be defined as a wine made of musical notes between the rows.

A walk into the Musical Vineyard

Following the results of a series of vineyard rows the harmonic notes emitted by the present musical speakers, being of the vines, two to the conditions climate rather than the caress/disturbance of the visitor who connects to nature in a way never before imagined.
Through music, interacting with humans open up a new level of discussion.
Science teaches physical, mental and emotional well-being, studies on the effects of plant music and recovery of healing, times of healing, in general, can be reduced.

The contact with plants helpes us to better understand ourselves and the world around, plants help reducing stress and increase productivity. A direct connection with nature stimulates us to create a world in which the environment does not need to be protected because it is an integral part of who and what we are.

We are able to perceive the close relationship between humans and nature, inaugurating a new era of respect for our environment. It will be easy to forget the moment when it is possible to hear the invisible sounds of nature.
It will be possible to meditate by listening to the musical language of the plants.